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Top 5 Wednesday: Gift Wrapped

December really is the season of giving, between graduations and religious celebrations, and the excessive marketing, we give and receive quite a bit. Interpret as you wish, some ideas include; books you’ve gifted in the past or books you’ve been gifted in the past (that maybe you haven’t read yet).

Gabriela, T5W group on Goodreads

This is a pretty fun one! I love getting books for presents, though I unfortunately don’t get the chance to give others book often (I don’t really have bookish friends.) I’m going to put books I’ve been gifted that I haven’t read yet, because I have some great friends who know me well enough to gift me books (not that it’s hard to know that about me)!

The Court of Miracles | Kester Grant

My singular book friend got this for me! We live in the US, but this is a UK cover version. If she ordered two from Waterstones, the shipping wouldn’t be expensive. So she got us both these beautiful copies! The hardback is just as lovely as the dust jacket and I can’t wait to read it. We’re waiting until we have time to buddy read it together.

The Bone Houses | Emily Lloyd-Jones

My aunt gave me this stunner! We were going to read it together in October as a spooky read, but life got in the way. We’re planning on reading it soon and I can’t wait! It’s marketed as gothic and spooky without really being scary, which is just what I want.

The Christmas Mystery | Jostein Gaarder

A former au pair and current friend gave me this book ages ago, and it’s a crime I haven’t gotten to it yet! I of course always intended to read it around Christmas, but I kept missing the month and then just say I’d read it next year! Well, I’m actually going to read it this year! After like three or four years of it sitting on my shelf unread, but we don’t have to talk about that.

To Kill a Mockingbird | Harper Lee

My mom gave me this a while ago, but I haven’t gotten to it yet for a few valid reasons: 1) I keep forgetting that I own it 2) It’s a mass market paperback and I’m saving it for a trip because it takes up less space 3) I might read it for school this year and I want to read it for the first time then.

A Christmas Carol | Charles Dickens

I have a beautiful 1960s version of this book from my grandma on my shelf to read this month! Of course, it doesn’t quite look like the photo above, but it’s close enough. This isn’t a gift per say because I’m just borrowing it, but it counts… right?

How on earth did this turn into a post of me trying to justify not reading a bunch of books yet? I’ll get to them, I swear.

28 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Gift Wrapped

  1. “I’ll get to them, I swear.” famous last words, ha ha.
    This is a pretty good list! Shockingly enough, I have only read one of these and it is To Kill a Mockingbird, for English class one year. These all seem like really interesting books though! I hope you enjoy them, because I hate owning a book and then disliking it.

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    1. Ikr!! Me too! That’s why I have started reading books online and buying only those I can’t find anywhere. And then I buy them if I really like them. Kinda weird but works for me. But I really do hate owning and then not liking….and more so because I HATE unhauling😅

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      1. I love rereading! I get why people don’t like it, but I love revisiting a world and characters when I know what comes next. That said, I also love reading those adventures for the first time, as evidenced by the fact that I’m preserving the new Uncle Rick book because it’ll be my last with Percy 😂

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      2. MAYBE. Okay so in the last book of Apollo’s trials, Chiron isn’t there because he’s in a meeting with a talking cat and a severed head. He says that a big issue has arisen that impacts all three of them. And I’m pretty sure that Rick Riordan confirmed a next series, but he might take a break for a bit. Apparently there’s rumors that Nico and Will will be main characters!!!!

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      3. I avoid having to unhaul by just um…collecting…them. Who needs to give them away? I buy the books that I think I’ll like the most, because I like to own all my favorites. I borrow things I think will be like three/four stars.


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