Contact & Review Policy

Hello! I am currently accepting books for review! I will take careful consideration on whether it’s something I want to read, but odds are I will. Physical copies, ePubs, or .mobi files are preferable.

When requesting a review, please include the following:

  • Your full name, and the name of the publishing company (if applicable.)
  • The name of the book you’d like me to review
  • The author of the book
  • The book genre

I will review honestly and thoughtfully, so I’ll point out what I liked and what I didn’t. If I didn’t like the book, I’ll say so but I won’t be rude about it.

I read a large variety of books. I like basically every genre of YA and I’m always open to new adult too! I will be less likely to accept middle grade unless it looks really interesting.

If you want to contact me for any reason at all, you can do so with the contact form below!