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The Outstanding Blogger Award

Hi everyone! Can you believe it?? I can’t! I still can’t believe it and I’m writing a post about it! Somehow, I got nominated for The Outstanding Blogger Award by Cherelle @ Cherelle the Bibliophile! So so many thanks Cherelle, thank you for nominating me. ❤️

How It Works

  • Link to the creator’s original award post.
  • Answer the questions provided.
  • Create 7 unique questions.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers. Neither the award’s creator nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated.
  • At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award!


What 3 GIFs would you use to sum up the last book you’ve read? 📖

(It’s Nevernight by Jay Kristoff by the way)

If you woke up in the body of (insert any fictional character ya like) what would you do? 👀
I asked my friend for a random character and she said Annabeth Chase, which I’m excited about! I think I’d hang out with the Seven and do all my math homework while I was still that smart. 😂 As long as I get her brain power too. If not, there’s no way I’d waste time as Annabeth doing homework.

What is your favourite word? 💬
“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious, if you say it loud enough you’ll always sound precocious, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

Why did the chicken cross the road? (I’m expecting a creative answer yeah) 🐔
To escape indoctrination from an evil Nazi chicken cult (you literally asked for it but I’m still sorry).

What is something you will uninvent and why? 🧪
Can I uninvent chemical and biological warfare? And nuclear warfare? And warfare?

What is the silliest thing you have ever done (because of a dare if applicable)? 🤡
I try to stay away from truth or dare because I’m a wise (albeit boring) person, but I remember a memorable time where one of my friends was dared to go over to one of his friends and give him a big kiss on the cheek, and for some godforsaken reason, he didn’t chicken out and did it! His friend looked so comically confused that we had to explain. He literally deflated in relief when he learned it was a dare. 😂

If everyone was like a food item and had an ingredient label, what would yours contain? 🍟
Woah, good question! Mine would have a considerable amount of salt, a smattering of sun-warmed strawberries, a fiery dash of paprika, and a bright candied lemon slice. If you want to know what kind of food that makes… uh, don’t try it at home, kids. Gag warning.

My Nominees

I hope you guys have fun with this! Don’t feel any pressure, us bloggers have a lot to do ❤️

My Questions for You Guys

  • If you could save only one character from your favorite book series and the rest of them would die, who would it be and why? (Note: you’d be stuck with this person for the rest of both your lives so choose carefully.)
  • If you had any superpower, what would it be? (Going with an OG here)
  • What would you do if all electronics instantly disappeared off the surface of the earth?
  • What is your worst nightmare? (You don’t have to answer this if it’s too prying, don’t worry)
  • If you could be a master at any one thing would would it be and why? (Ex: playing the violin, math, building mansions)
  • If your entire personality was represented in a piece of art, what would it look like?
  • Do you have a favorite quote? What is it and why?

Thanks for being here guys! Thank you again to Cherelle for nominating me! Please check out her blog an the blogs of the people I nominated for some quality content!

Everyone, If you were like a food item and had an ingredient label, what would yours contain?

22 thoughts on “The Outstanding Blogger Award

  1. Omg yesss congrats, Alex!!!🎉💖 And woah wait “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” is actually a word?!?!🤣 I can imagine how smart someone would look saying that out loud hehe.
    Ahhh thanks for nominating me!🥺💞 I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to do the other awards/tags, but I promise to get to them eventually!😅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You are most welcome! Thank you for taking time to do the tag… AHHH YES MARY POPPINS (not going to even try to spell the word), now the song is reverberating in my head haha! And also, great answer for the chicken question!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats! I love that chicken story 😅🤣 I too normally stay away from truth or dare but one time I was at my friends house and she dared us all to sing Bob the Builder out of the window, with people passing by 🤣🤣


  4. Congrats, I loved reading your answers! And that’s a really long word 😂 Just looked it up and now I definitely need to try watching Mary Poppins one day! And thank you for the nomination 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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